Advocating on Behalf of Idaho’s Children

The Idaho Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers serves as one of the premier child welfare organizations in the state. We strive to provide support to communities across Idaho, by fostering the growth and development of Children’s Advocacy Centers. We accomplish this mission by raising awareness for child abuse, serving as a liaison with state agencies, and soliciting funding for the continued longevity of these important centers.

Establishing Children’s Advocacy Centers and the continued support of these vital establishments serves as the primary focus of the Idaho Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers. These centers provide an invaluable service to the children of our state, by creating a safe environment for child advocacy workers. Children’s Advocacy Centers unite law enforcement professionals, medical workers, and social service providers who cater to the needs of local children. Each center offers a unique assortment of child-related services, including the following activities that form the core of the center’s approach:

– Medical Examinations and Mental Health Evaluations
– Highly-Specialized Forensic Interviewing
– Collaborative Case Reviews
– Extensive Advocacy Services

In our efforts to support the important work of Children’s Advocacy Centers, we provide numerous training programs, strategic input, and outreach resources. We also offer technical assistance for operating centers, with site visits, protocol consultations, and operating manuals. This support proves enormously beneficial to Children’s Advocacy Centers across the state, by equipping these groups to better serve their local communities and the children who belong to them.

The Mission of the Idaho Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers is to support local communities by promoting and assisting the growth and continuation of Children’s Advocacy Centers in Idaho.”

INCAC is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance

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