Idaho Medical Provider Child Abuse Conference

When: TBD.  This conference is held annually in the fall

Where: Twin Falls, Idaho            

Who:   Medical Professionals in the state of Idaho who medically evaluate children suspected of being abused

Dealing with the medical aspects of a child abuse case requires a thorough and thoughtful approach. In order to encourage the development of appropriate medical techniques and procedures, St Luke’s CARES Program and the Idaho Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers partner to sponsor the annual Idaho Medical Provider Child Abuse Conference. Held in the fall of each year, this conference brings together recognized medical professionals from across the State of Idaho. Conference goers have the opportunity to collaborate with other attendees and peer review various cases.

In addition to the networking opportunities the annual conference provides, this event incorporates various lectures from leading medical examiners and forensic experts. Attendees are equipped with various resources, including the latest information regarding child abuse research. Using this information, conference attendees learn more about the established protocols and gain a better understanding of how to handle the intricate details of medical cases involving alleged child victims.

The 2017 conference focused on child sexual abuse medical evaluations and legal aspects of child abuse cases.  

The 2018 conference topics have not yet been determined.

To learn more about the training opportunities provided at the annual Idaho Medical Provider Child Abuse Conference, contact us today at or contact St. Luke's CARES in Twin Falls at 208-814-7750.

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