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Trauma Informed Investigations

5/12/22 @ 1 PM * Please note all times are listed in Mountain Time Zone
Virtual with ZOOM

Presenter: Retired Corporal Angela Weekes formerly with Nampa Police Department. She recently retired after over twenty-six years at the department. Her most recent position was as a Corporal in the Crimes Against Person’s Unit in the investigations division.

Topic: This session will cover how traumatic experiences can impact victim memory, reactions and behavior, and the implications of this for first responders’ and investigators’ interviews and investigations. While focus is the impact of trauma as it relates to the investigation of sexual assault cases, the information is relevant for any incident where a traumatic event has occurred such as a car accident or burglary.

Objectives • Explain that people react differently to trauma and no one reaction is “normal.” • Describe how the neurobiology of trauma impacts memory, reactions, and behavior. • Observe, explain, and document signs of trauma as evidence. • How the body responds during a traumatic event - Freeze, Flight, Fight • How trauma impacts victim behavior • How trauma impacts victim memory.

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